Objectives and Focus

TEKTIC’s research focuses on health system management, patient safety, public health surveillance, and optimal chronic disease management through information and communication technologies.

TEKTIC has five major objectives which direct their research program:

OBJECTIVE 1: Human-technology interface – usability and data visualization: to examine the interface between humans and technological tools to optimize ICT integration in healthcare contexts. Examples include the investigation of the technological readiness of physicians for hand-held computer applications, complemented with the development, distribution and evaluation of Clinical Practice Guidelines on handheld computer platforms for the management of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

OBJECTIVE 2: Technology demonstration: to design, develop, and evaluate information technologies intended to enhance clinical practice. For example, some TEKTIC members are involved in a collaborative research project that compares the effectiveness of technology-enabled academic detailing to that of face-to-face academic detailing across rural and urban settings.

OBJECTIVE 3: Research synchronization for effective knowledge dissemination and change management: to understand and coordinate efforts towards effective systems-based knowledge translation. Each research direction is necessary but not sufficient on its own to ensure effective knowledge translation. TEKTIC members’ work in British Columbia engaging health professionals in both eHealth adoption and implementation, as well as the community to improve communication between practitioners and patients, exemplifies this synchronization

OBJECTIVE 4: eHealth evidence based policy translation: to assist health policy makers in incorporating eHealth evidence into policy innovation. For example, one TEKTIC researcher is implementing a baseline study of eHealth related policy within BC to formulate a planned approach towards eHealth policy knowledge translation, including aspects of its development, communication, and impact. TEKTIC involvement in the Ministry of Health eHealth steering committee and in the provincial telehealth steering committee also positively impacts on policy innovation.

OBJECTIVE 5: Capacity building: to nurture existing and emerging researchers interested in the exploration of ICT in promoting knowledge translation. TEKTIC members are collaborating with other researchers to develop a Masters level inter-university course on health informatics, and an undergraduate level health informatics course for life sciences students.

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